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mainFusion Tables is an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share data tables. Filter and summarize across hundreds of thousands of rows. With the help of google map, we can analysis the data.

As a part of our assignment on Irish Census Data for 2011, we were asked to use Google’s fusion table to create heat map.

First of all, I cleaned up the data file and save it in the .csv files.

Then I used my Gmail account for fusion tables.

I logged into Google Drive & selected Fusion Tables.  The first file I loaded was the clean map KML file which was uploaded to Moodle, I repeated the same steps to load the cleansed census data I had manipulated.

Then I merge the clean map KML file with census data file. I updated the county column on both files to ensure they had the same naming. Then I used this column to merge the data together.

Before merging I have Clean Map_lead KML Like:


When I merge the map_lead data with Irish Census data I got:


It is a showing the density of the population in different counties of Ireland.

The map is showing low population rate to high population rate from light colour to dark colour.

fusion tablemain








According to the data, fusion map is showing the low population in County Leitrim.


Males = 16,144

Female = 15,654


Totla no. of persons = 31,798


According to the data, fusion map is showing the high population in County Dublin.


Males = 619,902

Female = 653,167


Totla no. of persons = 1,273,069



Fusion Tables allows to present data in a visual, interactive way.

The map aims to reflect the population data from the 26 counties in ROI.

The benefits of data visualization to a business/decision maker are to collate & understand the data more easily. In addition, it helps to determine & spot patterns & trends in business operations.

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